Sally Waterman

Knowing that I want to use juxtaposition and layering within my work, I was curious to see how other artists have incorporated these two techniques (eg Chila Burman). Waterman’s series ‘Keep Smiling’ (2015) addresses the generational differences in communication and recording of informtion; analogue versus digital. Seeing the slideshow made me think of how Effie commented on… Continue reading Sally Waterman

Visual Review & Taxonomy

With the deadline getting closer, I really want to resolve my project. I have done a fair amount of research and quite a lot of testing, but I’m still quite confused and the time pressure is making panicky and indecisive! I don’t know what I want to present in the exhibition. My tutor suggested that I… Continue reading Visual Review & Taxonomy

Kingston University | Foundation End of Year Show 2017

I particularly enjoyed watching the showreel of short films in the Visual Communication pathway room. As I have been curious about animation, it was really useful to see all the different ways people had gone about it; 3D textile stopmotion, hand-drawn lightbox animation using various drawing techniques, digital illustration & animation… Also, the advantage of… Continue reading Kingston University | Foundation End of Year Show 2017

Myra Greene | sketches for something Myra Greene’s response to traditional African textiles is very thought-provoking to me. “Growing up in Harlem, I often walked past stores selling African textiles.  I was …subconsciously informed that as a black woman I should have an inherent relationship to these materials. I am attracted to the fabric as material and color, but felt… Continue reading Myra Greene | sketches for something