Day 18 | Printing and Photoshop

Monoprinting and Linoprinting My teacher thought that my initial monoprints weren’t embracing the medium, as I began with a precise approach using a hard pencil. She had a point, and I think the prints I then produced suited the rough texture of the monoprint technique more. However, I like the contrast between the sharp,delicate text and… Continue reading Day 18 | Printing and Photoshop

Day 17 | Observational Drawing with a Twist

Drawing the still life composition while being blind to the canvas made me focus on the lines and shapes within the arrangement, rather than attempting to draw the image as a whole. Each outcome was unique; I had reduced the colourful composition into rough, abstract, monchrome lines and curves. I didn’t enjoy the ‘drawing by… Continue reading Day 17 | Observational Drawing with a Twist