Day 24


I don’t hate my final outcome, but it’s definitely not what I had in mind at the beginning of the project. I feel like looking back on the photos I took, my final illustration just doesn’t reflect the colour and excitement that was present in all of markets I visited. The colours are muted, and I’m not keen on the texture of the sunflowers; from a distance it’s okay but up close you can see the distinctive work of Photoshop paintbrush tool…

An element of the design that was present in all of my development of ideas but removed at the final stage is the coloured polygon. It was pushed out by the textures, which my teacher thought jarred with the harsh, flat shape… Personally I agree that when I started to layer the paper textures with the coloured shapes something didn’t look quite right. However, I almost prefer the simplicity of the initial ideas, which had just a polygon overlapping with the line drawing. and almost wish I hadn’t brought in the textures at all.

Having said that, my final design isn’t that bad, and I think if I tweaked the colour and texture of the sunflowers I could be overall satisfied. I think the subtle gaussian blurred layers in front of and behind the line drawing add dimension, and the circle is a less harsh shape than the various polygons. Although I felt that I neglected manual practices during this project, I really started to get familiar with Illustrator, so I’m happy about that. InDesign is still a bit perplexing, so I’ll have to work on that in the project coming up…

I enjoyed the crit session, because it was interesting to see other people’s final outcomes and hear them talk about their processes. I didn’t find myself being critiqued as much as I expected, and I’m not complaining, but I almost wish I’d had more suggestions for improvements, because I don’t feel that I’ve come away with a better understanding of my own work or ideas of improving.

Final magazine article.

Day 3 – Visual Communication

When attempting to crop areas of the A2 collages to business card dimensions, I quickly ran out of compositions. I started to feel like the montages lacked texture, and that it was time to add some new mediums. Splattering ink and sponging on black and white acrylic added a more spontaneous feel… When I went… Continue reading Day 3 – Visual Communication

Day 2 – Visual Communication

I’m surprised at how many ideas can develop from working with one, basic portrait photo. All in monochrome, working with just scissors and Pritt on the first day, I enjoyed snipping away without giving too much thought to the final outcome – a business card design. I think the┬ácollages are┬áplayful; displacing my facial features can… Continue reading Day 2 – Visual Communication