Finalising Composition

After re-thinking my final outcome yesterday, I spoke to one of my tutors today to get feedback on which of the two ideas ( a set of GIFs, or video montage combined with audio) would be more successful. Explaining my thought process verbally helped me continue the clarifying process I had started by writing yesterday’s… Continue reading Finalising Composition

Planning Final Outcome

I’m still confused and the deadline is in less than 3 days! Before half term I ‘decided’ I was going to make a set of GIFs, made from layers of collage, text from the interview and hand-drawn/painted imagery. However, one of my really early tests which had a really positive review was two clips filmed… Continue reading Planning Final Outcome

Visual Review & Taxonomy

With the deadline getting closer, I really want to resolve¬†my project. I have done a fair amount of research and quite a lot of testing, but I’m still quite confused and the time pressure is making panicky and indecisive! I don’t know what I want to present in the exhibition. My tutor suggested that I… Continue reading Visual Review & Taxonomy