Finalising Composition

After re-thinking my final outcome yesterday, I spoke to one of my tutors today to get feedback on which of the two ideas ( a set of GIFs, or video montage combined with audio) would be more successful. Explaining my thought process verbally helped me continue the clarifying process I had started by writing yesterday’s… Continue reading Finalising Composition

Planning Final Outcome

I’m still confused and the deadline is in less than 3 days! Before half term I ‘decided’ I was going to make a set of GIFs, made from layers of collage, text from the interview and hand-drawn/painted imagery. However, one of my really early tests which had a really positive review was two clips filmed… Continue reading Planning Final Outcome

Sally Waterman

Knowing that I want to use juxtaposition and layering within my work, I was curious to see how other artists have incorporated these two techniques (eg Chila Burman). Waterman’s series ‘Keep Smiling’ (2015) addresses the generational differences in communication and recording of informtion; analogue versus digital. Seeing the slideshow made me think of how Effie commented on… Continue reading Sally Waterman

Formative Feedback & Weekly Plan

Two things that were clear in my feedback were that I need to widen my practical research, through quick testing, and find more artists that can help inform my work. I also need to start thinking about the exhibition… I find it very difficult to work roughly. I hate the idea of making things I don’t like… Continue reading Formative Feedback & Weekly Plan

Reel to Reel | The Craft Film Festival

As moving image is something I have wanted to explore during this project, Reel to Reel: The Craft Film Festival seemed like a good source of inspiration. Having enjoyed the Banff Mountain Film Festival earlier on this year, I was keen to attend another evening of short films, as I love the variety of content that you see… Continue reading Reel to Reel | The Craft Film Festival

Weekly Plan 24th – 30th April

The table was taking too long so I’ve changed the layout to this: Monday 24th  Animation tutorial with Anna Start making TY inspired collages incorporating Vietnamese symbolism Tuesday 25th  Try animating collage Try mixed media illustrations using Vietnam photos as reference material Use Crosby’s work as inspiration Wednesday 26th Consider using text and type in the illustrations Use Holloway… Continue reading Weekly Plan 24th – 30th April


This weekend I had a disagreement with my mum about the importance of vaccinations before going to certain regions/countries. The issue came up after two friends of mine were complaining about the numerous jabs they’d had to have before visiting Vietnam. I knew I hadn’t had any last year before going, so assumed (hoped) that… Continue reading Medicine