Last-minute Problems

Because of my last-minute change of plan, I’m struggling to edit the montage in time. I knew I was putting pressure on myself by changing the plan a few days ago but I still think it will create a more successful outcome (using my original aims as my assessment criteria) so will be worth it.

The difficulty I’m having is creating a sequence that is long enough to match the audio recording of the interview with my mum. However, I think that quality overrides quantity, and if necessary I would rather have a shorter film sequence on loop and play the audio alongside, than try to flesh out the visual for the sake of matching the audio. The only reason it could be preferable for the audio and visual to be the same length is that it would engage the viewer to listen to the audio for longer than they would looking at a static image or GIF. However, I realised from seeing the way Chila Burman uses fragmentation (as well as layering, which I’m definitely using throughout), that it is an effective way of demonstrating the ‘fragments’ of different locations, cultures and societies that create someone’s cultural identity. The slight incongruity and disconnect between the audio and visual is a way of communicating the displaced sense of belonging and confusion within diaspora.


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