Planning Final Outcome

I’m still confused and the deadline is in less than 3 days! Before half term I ‘decided’ I was going to make a set of GIFs, made from layers of collage, text from the interview and hand-drawn/painted imagery. However, one of my really early tests which had a really positive review was two clips filmed in Vietnam and England, layered over the top of eachother. As I’ve started to attempt  my final GIFs, I’ve realised that I feel like I’m leaving out two of the sources of material that really pushed this project forward; the audio from the interview with my mum, and some of the footage I have from both Vietnam and England. Contradictory feedback which I have mentioned before deterred me from making a short film, and I’ve now almost run out of time to do that, but I do want to figure out a way to use the film in my outcome, and not in a 3 second loop – from watching my further GIFs I feel like the shortness & jumpiness of the loop distracts and interrupts the focus on the content. I could make longer loops but then I may as well make a short film?

I am now considering editing together the layered film clips and combining them with the audio of the interview with my mother and potentially my grandfather. My story doesn’t have a beginning, middle and end, so I don’t necessarily want to create something that the viewer will watch beginning to end – more a sequence of insights into my investigation. I have requested a monitor to be reserved for the exhibition, as I knew I would be displaying some kind of moving image. What could work well, is to display an ongoing sequence of layered clips with a set of headphones. Ideally, members of the audience could sit for anytime between a few seconds and a few minutes, and whatever part of the sequence they catch would give them an insight into the complex nature of cultural identity.

The audience may well not be able to make complete sense of what they see and hear, especially as they will only see/listen to fragments of the piece, but what they are experiencing emulates the way that I have struggled with the uncertainty and ambiguity that comes as a result of having dual heritage.


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