Cecile Emeke | strolling

I discovered Cecile Emeke’s films after filming the interview with my mum, however it is still interesting to see an alternative way of interviewing people, especially on the topic of heritage. One thing I’ve noticed is that the music in Emeke’s films keeps up the pace and makes the film more engaging. However, its also a distraction. I’ve tried playing traditional Vietnamese music in the background of the interview with my mum, but it just seems to divert one’s attention from what she’s saying.

Something I will take away is the slightly shaky camera movement that makes the viewer’s perspective more intimate. Emeke’s films make one feel as though they are ‘strolling’ alongside the speaker. The format of my film will be different as I’m unlikely to use the actual footage of my mum, but the slight tremble in the camera and close-up angles are features present in my existing footage that I now intend to keep, after seeing their impact in Emeke’s work.


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