Reflecting on crit with Effie

I always find an alternative perspective on my work useful, but it was especially useful to speak to Effie because of the knowledge she had gained from her own FMP which was all about identity and belonging. She gave me lots of ideas for directions to extend my research in, but also helped me to re-evaluate the purpose of my project and question what it is I want to show in the exhibition.


  • To explore the thoughts and feelings that come as a response to having dual-heritage.
  • To find out more about my Vietnamese side of the family’s experience growing up in England
  • My outcomes should be a series of images that communicate what I have discovered during this project; depending on the techniques I develop in the next few weeks they will be either static or potentially animated.

I’ve decided I want to create an animation, because I don’t think a static image would reflect the dynamic nature of identity. I want to use collage, because the layers emulate the different influences on my own cultural identity, referencing both my English and Vietnamese sides. I want the piece to be ambiguous and confusing, because that’s one of the main emotions that has come across during this project. For this reason, I want my representation of what I have to discovered to be more of a figurative representation than a literal narrative of my journey. The more open the piece is to interpretation, the more likely it is to encourage people to form their own impressions of it.


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